Welcome to our Department!

Department Staff: 4 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 6 Assistant Professors, 2 Seniors Laboratory Technicians, 2 Laboratory Technicians, 1 PhD Student.

Subjects and Courses of Study:

  • Infectious Diseases with Epidemiology;

  • Internal medicine with endocrinology (including infectious diseases and epidemiology, clinical pharmacology);

  • Internal medicine (internal medicine, emergency conditions in internal medicine clinic, infectious diseases;

  • Tropical Medicine;

  • Medical Nursing;

  • Epidemiology;

  • Actual human parasitic diseases;

  • Dermatology, venerology;

  • Topical issues of dermatovlogy, venerology.

Way of Learning:

  • full-time;

  • extramural (correspondance);

  • e-learning.

The students of the following academic units study at the department:

  • Faculty of Medicine;

  • Faculty of Dentistry;

  • International Students' Faculty;

  • Academic and Research Institute of Nursing.

The students study in the following specialties:

  • Medicine;

  • Dentistry;

  • Nursing;

  • Public health.